The Dragonlord of the Sanguine Mire, , Rashamon flourished in a land reviled by most dragonkind. Naturally suited to the swampy environs as a black dragon, Rashamon appointed himself Warden of the swamp. Inherently reclusive, Rashamon maintains little contact with the rest of the Dragon Court. But under his watchful eye, the swamp has maintained a tenuous equilibrium. He cares little for the tribes that populate the swamp, either currying for his favor or running at the sight of him. But neither does he go out of his way to inflict harm upon them. That is, of course, unless they cause undue harm to the swamp itself. There is no quicker way to make Rashamon’s rage manifest.

One such blight upon his domain is the Sulfurous Scar, an expanse of swamp riddled with poisonous vents and unnatural terrain. To Rashamon, it is a subject of both frustration and curiosity, a wound upon his precious mire wrought by an unknown hand. Rashamon has repeated sought Baazalk’s aid and insight into the matter, but each time the Wyrm of Lore rebuffs Rashamon’s questions. In light of this, Rashamon conducts his own investigations into the source of the Scar, with the aid of his exarch Zara.

Rashamon feels he has little to prove and has no ambition to rise beyond his current station. To him, there is no greater privilege than the one he possesses. His palace is the swamp, his throne one of brambles and soil.

Though Rashamon is prone to bouts of silence and distance from the Court, it was a long period of absence that spurred the Court into action. The PCs discovered Rashamon in his lair, made ill by an unknown affliction. The PCs did what they could to halt the progress of the disease, but they could do nothing to reverse it. The PCs ventured off to find Rashamon’s missing exarch, and left alone Rashamon’s condition worsened in spite of the magic bestowed upon him. After finding Zara, the PCs returned to find Rashamon’s lair in ruin, and the dragon himself disfigured beyond recognition. His lustrous scales glisten with the oil and his skin has melted over his eyes, blinding him. His last words before fleeing to places unknown echoed across the mire: “I must answer the Call!”


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