The legacy of the dragons made manifest, the half-dragons are the most honored among the dragonkin within the empire. It is rare for a half-dragon not to hold a high office from early in their career, as any and every walk of life wants a half-dragon as their figurehead. As such, there is a great sense of entitlement that comes with bearing draconic blood, and the half-dragons are just as likely (if not more) to lean upon their connection to the Circle of Scales (the Council of the Dragonlords), no matter how tenuous. As a result, many dragons view the creation of half-dragons with disdain. Those who oppose the practice see it as that many more opportunities for half-dragon impurity to sully the reputation of true dragons. Not to mention the repulsive concept of intermingling with lesser races.

Despite the opposition and some of the less than reputable results, many half-dragons rise above mere pride of lineage to serve with great distinction, cementing the continuance of the practice. The Dragon Emperor himself still sees the creation of half-dragons as favorable and so long as he endorses it, half-dragons will continue thrive in the Empire.

Half-dragons are rarely created through happy or romantic unions. The most common method of introducing dragon blood into the genealogy is for affluent lords to hold rallies for draconic influence. At these events, the lords will extol the virtues of their lines, but many times will go so far as to auction off their wives and daughters for the chance of the blessing of dragonblooded scions. Many families have recognized the crucial importance of women to such continuation of blood, and visitors to the Fang Provinces will notice that a great many noble houses are run as a matriarchy.

Notable Half-Dragons: Taligham


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